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Domingo, 9 de Novembro de 2008
Just arrived in Manila!

I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Etihad Airways for flying me safe back to MNL. Spent some 2 extra minutes at the immigration counter because the officer did not understand what I wrote in the immmigration form for arriving passengers. He was asking me if I came from Abu Dhabi and explained to him that technically yes I arrived from Abu Dhabi but the actual journey was Paris to Manila via Abu Dhabi. So that's where the confusion started. In general I did not have problems at the airport although everytime I arrive in MNL I can't help but feel sad about what I see in the Arrival Area of Terminal 1 as compared to other airports. 


My uncle was waiting for me and rented a car to get us home quick. He told me I was so thin ... by just looking at my face. Huh, I did not know and I can't know it even if I look at myself at the mirror. No way to tell, hahahahaha. But maybe he's right...ah, sandwiches in Belgium almost everyday...what do you expect, hahahahaha.


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Take off from Abu Dhabi Airport with the mighty B777-300ER bound for Manila

Flight Details

Route: Abu Dhabi (AUH) - Manila (MNL)
Flight Number: EY428
Airline: Etihad Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

Feel the force now.........................

My Etihad Airways stuff taken at home............ I have arrived in Manila!

Nice experience! The flight attendants were all nice and polite. The food was so-so but I don't really care. I just wanted to sit there and let the aircraft control my senses.

Ahhh, I bought my model aircraft of 77W! It costs 12 Euros, so not bad.

I will recommend Etihad Airways!

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Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) with Etihad Airways (EY) Boeing 777-300ER

Just arrived in Abu Dhabi Airport fresh from Paris (not that fresh anymore though). I had to stay at the old terminal but after an hour of waiting, passengers bound for Manila were called and bussed to the newer terminal which is actually bigger and newer and more airy. How I love the hige glass windows/walls! That gives a view to the airfield and the planes going to their respective destinations.

But for me, more importantly, I have a nice view of my favourite plane, the 77W, being prepared for his flight to MNL. He's there right in front of me! This plane for the past months, I would just see it when he's taking off or landing in Manila. But now, he's here....Whoa, I can stay there and just look at it for hours without batting an eyelash, lol. What a beautiful machine!

I can't get enough of this aircraft. I consider it one of the most beautiful man-made creations!

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Sábado, 8 de Novembro de 2008
Just landed at Abu Dhabi International Airport

Wow, after 3 weeks, I'm here in Abu Dhabi again! It was a nice flight with Etihad Airways from Paris. The aircraft was Airbus 340-500; my first time to fly on it and it was fun.

I'll be waiting for 2 hours here (unlike the first time I had to wait for about 8 hours or so!). And today is not as crowded as the last time I was here.

We landed during the morning so I was able to see some desert landscapes hehehehehe. And I was seated next to a nice French guy who's here in Abu Dhabi for the first time. It was also his first time to fly! He's funny though and nice. I was his interpreter when talking to the FA's because he does not speak English. Good opportunity also to practise my French.

Anyway, I'll be "people-watching" for the meantime while waiting for my flight to Manila.................

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Sexta-feira, 7 de Novembro de 2008
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)

Flight Details:

Route: Paris (CDG) - Abu Dhabi (AUH)
Flight Number: EY38
Seat: 18K
Airline: Etihad Airways
Aircraft: Airbus 340-500

Hummm, back in Paris Airport again. I feel bad because I was not able to see the city. Well, I saw it....when I took the train from the airport going to Gard du Nord to cacth my train to Belgium. But that's it. My first time in Paris, that was in 2002, when I applied for a visa at the Canadian Embassy. It was raining and I was only there for a day. And now, I am in Paris because I have to fly from here, lol. Anyway, I had fun updating my blog although there's no Internet so I'm just saving it on word document and just copy paste it when I got Internet connection.

The aircraft that will take me to Abu Dhabi is an Airbus 340-500.

The A340-500 was introduced as the world's longest-range commercial airliner. It made its first flight on 11 February 2002, and was certified on 3 December 2002. The A340-500 was the world's longest-range commercial airliner until the introduction of the Boeing 777-200LR in February 2006. The A340-500 can fly 313 passengers in a three-class cabin layout over 8,650 nautical miles (16,020 km). And recently, Etihad Airways become a customer.

Although aesthetically the wide-bodied Boeing planes are more beautiful than the Airbus wide-bodied aircraft, the interior of these planes is a different story. The A340's seat configuration is 2-4-2 (and so is the A330). It's more confortable.

My seatmate was a French guy who was going to work in Abu Dhabi. It's his first time to fly. So he's kinda funny. But he's charming and I was his interpreter everytime the FA's would ask him something of what he's going to eat and stuff. I also taught him how to use the IFE which is by the way a nice one.

The take off was smooth and uneventful. The FA's did their job without being too friendly nor cold. I just slept and sometimes wold talk to the French guy once in a while. It ws a night night and I could not take pics of the interior because no batteries for my camera.

Etihad Airways A340-500 en route to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: my plane!

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